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What was new in Writer's Workbench 8.5?
(June 2011 Release)

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1. Writer's Workbench Manual
(16 pages)
2. Writer's Workbench Quick Guide
(Pages 2-5 of the Writer's Workbench Manual briefly describing each
of the 25 Analysis Programs)  (4 pages)
3. WWB Assessment Module Documentation
(4 pages)
4. WWB Tracking Setup and Excel Plug-in
(2 pages)
5. WWB Assessment Grade Module
(3 pages)
6. One Page Orientation for Individual Users
(1 page)
7. Two Page Orientation for Writing Labs
(2 pages - Courtesy of NIACC - for Word 2007)
8. Three Step (condensed) Writer's Workbench Faculty Guide
(9 pages)
9. Writer's Workbench Faculty Guide
(21 pages)
10. Ordering Information for High School Students
11. Ordering Information for College Students
12. Interactive PowerPoint Show
(.PPS format, PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer Required)
13. WWB Marketing Brochure - Side 1
14. WWB Marketing Brochure - Side 2

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As we continue to support older releases of Writer's Workbench, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest release. We support previous WWB releases within reason.
Documentation for previous releases is available by clicking on the appropriate links below.


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