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Word 2007 Registry Problems

When Word 2007 has registry problems, it closes with a message that indicates an attempt to fix the problem.

We have found this problem only with Word 2007 and we are not sure that these symptoms occur due to an installation problem with Writer's Workbench or as a result of a problem that previously was not detected with other idiosyncrasies in Office 2007 installation or with Windows Vista.

We have found that renaming an area in the Windows Registry has fixed the problem in every time we have found the problem with our testers and customers.

If experiencing this problem and reluctant to attack the Windows Registry, please feel free to call the direct support line at (630)548-4219.  If we are not available, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and the best day / time to return your call.

NOTE: a more detailed version of this procedure that includes registry problem fixes for other versions of Word is available at Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article.

Make sure that Word is closed then click Start, Run, and type regedit

Browse to:


right-click on Data and rename it to OLDData

Close the regedit window.

Test by starting Word without entering through the WWB icon then close Word.  The problem with exiting Word should be corrected.

Then, double-click on the WWB icon.  Open your document and analyze it.  Close the analysis.  Close Word.  You SHOULD be "good to go."  If not, please call or send e-mail to wwbsupport@emo.com .

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