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If you have any kind words to tell others about how Writer's Workbench has helped you or your students in writing or about how you effectively use WWB,
please fill out our feedback form or send e-mail to wwb@emo.com.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. You always make me feel like your number one priority when I call; that's a rare experience in the 21st century.

I want you to know that I promote WWB to everyone who will listen. I have been a high school English teacher for 17 years, and WWB is still the best tool--silver bullet is more like it--for attacking all of those "issues" that occur in student writing. One session with WWB, and the students are "hooked." Some refuse to submit work that hasn't had the WWB treatment, and year after year, I hear the students finally taking ownership (and pride) in their writing.  Many students have reported that the first things they examine in their writing (automatically now) are the very ones that WWB used to have to identify for them.  The learning is transferring--that elusive measure of effectiveness for which all teachers strive.

Now for the self-indulgent perk: I no longer spend my time marking the mechanics of papers, and WWB helps me differentiate for every student. Students often bring their drafts and the WWB reports to my classroom for further coaching; some are using the software for all of their classes. Now, I require the students to submit a WWB report with their final drafts; the report will reveal whether or not they tended to key aspects, and I can evaluate 90 essays in a week without late-night sessions. I'm no longer grumbling over mechanical errors that detract from the merits an essay, and I am able to focus more instruction on style and diction and all of those other valuable traits that are often upstaged by such "gems" as subject-verb agreement or vague words.

WWB is the best thing to happen to Writing Education since the word processor replaced the typewriter.

Jennifer White
National Board Certified Teacher, ELA/AYA
Stillwater High School English Dept.
AP and On-Level English IV
(405) 533-6450
Rigor, Relevance, Relationships


Bottom line: For people serious about learning and teaching written English

Review: A proverb summarizes our reaction to Writer's Workbench:
"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime."

Writer's Workbench differs from the other editing software we've reviewed in that Writer's Workbench is more a teaching aid and a learning aid than a program you use for a "quick fix."  You do not use Writer's Workbench to make onscreen corrections to your Word document; rather, you use Writer's Workbench to learn how to write well.  You can then apply the software's lessons to your writing for life.

Writer's Workbench analyses your Word document and suggests areas for improvement. The software covers many aspects of writing well, including word choice, sentence length, and correct grammar.  Unlike other software, Writer's Workbench explains the reasons behind its advice. . . (more in review)

From the Tech Director at a New Jersey Catholic School -

Just wanted to let you know what our decision is on the replacement for Criterion as a software to assist in improving our students' writing skills.  Our English Dept Chairperson investigated and evaluated 6 (including Criterion) software applications. She did a very thorough job and I have to commend her on her persistence with this research.

We already had been using Criterion for many years and, as you know, the English Chair did not feel that it was completely meeting our needs and goals. She investigated MyAccess! (Vantage Learning), Write-to-Learn (Pearson), spellcheckerplus.com (a British product), Write Cycle (Turn-it-in's companion software) and Writer's Workbench.

The decision for our school is Writer's Workbench. It is very comprehensible and very affordable. How often do you get both of these in one sentence?!?!?!?

As a short story writer and novelist, I have been using Writer's Workbench to improve the quality of my writing for the last five years. While some analysis sections of Writer's Workbench aren't relevant to my needs as an experienced writer, ten analysis sections have been of tremendous help to me.

Many writers will tell you that it's all but impossible to edit their own writing. I'm one. What Writer's Workbench does for me is force me to slow down and review all the mistakes that I lost sight of while working on the plot and characters of my stories. Writer's Workbench helps me find errors, clarifies my writing and forces me to review the grammar aspects of my writing and, I hope, improves the overall quality of my stories.

The other aspect that I have found helpful is that the technical support is not only knowledgeable and fast but also friendly. Of course, the program is so stable, I've only had to use tech support a few times but it's still great to know the help is there when I might need it.

I find Writer's Workbench a critical tool in my arsenal of writing aids.

Jeff Spalsbury
Author, "Merry Christmas Stories," "Hunt the Hunter," and many others

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that again by book received an award. I used WWB as part of my editing.  It significantly improved the quality of my work. The last time that I contacted you I had won an award from the Hollywood Book Festival for runner up in the Non-Fiction History category.

Last weekend, I won the San Diego Book Awards First Place in Non-Fiction (History category).

http://sdbookawards.com/winners_2010.php This is a very important award for me. Again thanks for creating a product that helped me to achieve this goal. As always, I have a link to your product on my web site home page.

Thanks again,

David Klauber
Author "The Sounding"

Home School Magazine Home School Magazine endorses Writer's Workbench.

I find Writers Workbench to be a great writer's editing program.  I now call it the "WWB task Master", because it can effectively [deep-dive edit] blog posts, full length articles, and other written works.  Their customer support is also very willing, and knowledgeable, and can effectively address any questions you may have about how to get the most benefit out of their product.

I would highly recommend this software to other writers and business professionals to help keep them at the top of their communications game.

Peter Sabbagh, VP - Blue Sky 365 Digital Marketing

I am very pleased with the Writers Workbench software.  By far, it is the best grammar checking software on the market.

- Counsel, Healthcare

"I love Writer's Workbench.
I not only use it for myself, I am writing a novel, but I have my children use it.
We homeschool, and have done so for over 20 years.
This program is TERRIFIC for writing.
My children type up the writing assignments, Writer's Workbench shows them how to improve their writing.
Not only that, it also TEACHES them different writing principals!!

Sherry Gammon

Writer's Digest Review -

WRITERS WORKBENCH is a cool program that works with Microsoft Word and runs analyses of your work by linguistic category, so you can see which areas of your craft you need to work on. Using too many to be verbs, dangling modifiers or incorrect punctuation? This program will show you just where youve gone wrong.

"I began using WWB less than a year ago to help me in the writing of a novel that I have been struggling with for several years.  I began using WWB on Chapter 57 and I am currently on Chapter 70. (There will be about eight or ten more chapters.)  I can hardly believe the improvement in my writing.

What your program does is to make me slow down and examine every sentence I write.  Almost inevitably, when I stop to consider what I've written, I can improve it.  Even when I argue with some parts of the program's analysis, I am learning to write better.

I go back to my grammar books and that always helps me.  When I finish writing the last few chapters, I will go back to the beginning and work through the whole book from beginning to end with your program.  I know that my novel will be infinitely better after I've done that work than it is now.  I look forward to seeing the end result.

WWB is the best writers' helper I know of and I wouldn't be without it."

Roland Graham
Future famous author

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
I really appreciate you getting back to us so soon.
I was having problems downloading the software and emailed you late last night, but did not expect to get such a prompt reply.
I haven't gone through the tutorial yet nor have I started using the program, but as soon as I do, I will let you know what I think.
You sold me with the great customer support.
I am going to recommend WWB to all the graduate students in my class at Carroll College.
My cousin, who is working on his dissertation in Texas, recommended your software.
He absolutely loves it. Again, thank you so much!"

Juanita (Terrie) Garcia
Graduate Student

"Thank you.
Over 150 students are using WWB today in our Laredo Community College and Texas A&M University.
This tool has been a great enhancement to our project and instrumental in assisting us in meeting the academic success component of our project."

Cynthia Vira Carreon
Project Director
Laredo Community College / Texas A&M University

"Writers Workbench has been an extremely helpful tool in the creation of thesis papers for my high school junior English class.
The ability to scan the papers for passive voice, grammar, and repetition has been a great help in raising my grades.
Thank you!"

Judy, High School Student - Wheaton, Illinois

"Writers Workbench has significantly helped in my academic writing.
It provides me several angles to analyze what I have written, improving the quality and discipline of the output."

Aditya Agrawal
Graduate Student, Bond University

"Computer programs used in college and university ESL labs are often more or less adaptations of grammar exercise books.
Writer's Workbench is different.
It brings out the importance of a writer himself or herself looking at his or her own writing, receiving specific feedback about that writing, and then making decisions about how to strengthen that material.
Writer's Workbench does nothing to dilute this important process."

Dr. Howard Sage
Writing Faculty, Hunter College
New York, New York

"WWB offers my students objective feedback about their writing that helps them improve their writing.
At a time when assessment has moved to the forefront in education, it provides a tool to measure writing skills."

Paul Peterson
English Teacher
North Iowa Area Community College

"I'm a writer of fiction and non-fiction and have enjoy using the Writer's Workbench for reviewing my texts to see if I'm improving my work, especially in the area of useless and needless words.
I've recommended it several times to other teachers to check out their students' use of the language and grammar.
I would be interested in learning more of any revisions that would be aimed at writers like myself."

Bob Ruehrdanz
Sebastopol, CA

"What a surprise! I've already downloaded WWB 8.4 and it runs perfectly! I will make good use your program. I'm retired and have been working on a novel for half a dozen years. So far, I rewritten only six chapters of my 70 + chapters using WWB 8.3 and the resulting work is much, much better than I could do on my own. It astonished me when I took everything in your program seriously and reexamined what I'd done. In 1952 I attended McGill University and had a creative writing teacher there (Constance Beresford-Howe) who used to correct my writing with a red pen. I've often wished I was still in her class and had access to her knowledge about writing. Well, with your program, I have that knowledge at my finger tips. It's more valuable than I can possible tell you. So I thank you very much for sending me this program in its latest version."

Roland Grahm
Victoria, CA

"We have been using Writer's Workbench for many years now and wouldn't teach an English writing class without it.
We love the fact that we can tailor needs to individual students and to their level of writing.
Some students are still learning about homonyms while the more advanced students are using the style with support report to become independent editors of their work.
We require a 'to be' check on every paper at every level.
We are looking for active verbs in writing.
For example, the honors sophomores must write with less than 25% to be verbs; this percentage drops to 15% by the end of second semester.
Some students pride themselves in being able to write a rough draft with NO to be verbs!
The program is easy to run, understood by students, and integrates into the tracked changes required by the students to show the teachers how they used the WWB printouts to improve their writing.
Thanks for a terrific product!"

Sharon Barger
English Teacher and Chairperson
Woodstock High School, Illinois

"I was quite surprised when I wrote seeking help with a technical disconnect problem and ended up discussing my problem by phone to resolve the issue.
On reflection, one never can have enough writing help regardless of the purpose.
Here not only is the writing program terrific, but unlike many on-line services, this one is for real and made me a better writer."

Ron Dechene
Individual User
Boxford, MA

"Both of my daughters have used WWB at Glenbard North High School to review and improve their English and Humanities papers.
My older daughter continues to depend on WWB at the University of Illinois (Champaign) and we recently upgraded to the latest release of the software."

Rich Leabru
Carol Stream, IL

"I would recommend Writer's Workbench to all students and teachers.
Students, both in high school and college, can use this software to help them improve their writing skills.
As a teacher and doctoral student at Walden University, I believe that my writing and editing skills have improved with the use of this software.
It is very user-friendly and definitely worth the price."

Chanda Coblentz
Teacher and Doctoral Student - Walden University

"The staff at Writers Workbench worked directly with the district to help provide staff development in the use of Writer Workbench.
The training was customized to meet our needs."

Brian Blodgett
Technology Director
North Iowa Community School

"Writers Workbench challenges my students to actively revise their papers versus completing a spell check.
The result of using the program as a part of our English curriculum? Across the board, better writing.
I am impressed when I hear students say that they automatically revise to be verbs as they write their rough drafts."

Rebecca Rousseau
English Teacher, Gillette High School

"Id like to share the following from one of my Composition I students 'Writers Reflection' following his final paper.
I require the use of WWB on every paper, with target scores for students to meet on sentence variety, limiting vague and abstract vocabulary and use of 'to be' verbs, as well as a minimum score for transitions.
This students insights sum up the values I want students to find in using of WWB:"

When we used Writers Workbench on the first paper, I thought, 'Oh, great. One more pointless activity.'
I also found it frustrating to use because as Id change one problem, all the numbers for everything else that I thought Id fixed would change also.
I kept working with it, though, and in the process for my second paper, I realized all the changes happened because all the structures should work together, so I had to do more than just change a random word here and there.
I also realized that just because Workbench highlights a word or phrase doesnt automatically mean I must change it; WWB just points it out so I can find it more easily to make a deliberate choice.
With this last paper, Ive found Workbench to be a great resource.
It points out potential problems, and as Ive learned more about sentence style, Ive been able to use the data to really improve my writing.
My style points for the first paper were F-level; theyve risen steadily with each paper, and on the final paper, I believe the style merits an A.
At the start, I wanted a tool that would do it for me.
Workbench made me do it myself, but it gave me good feedback to learn what to do and to measure my progress.
It isnt a pointless activity after all.

Julie Hoesel
Instructor of English
Iowa Central Community College

"The Johnson County Community College Writing Center has been using the Writer's Workbench program almost since its inception.
What I have enjoyed about the company is its personal touch.
I have always felt that if I had a problem (rarely, I might add), I had someone (Greg Oij) to talk to and he has always replied immediately.
Our students enjoy the software because of its depth and breadth... it is easy to use and it actually helps them to revise and edit their rough drafts while teaching them rules that they need to know."

Ellen Mohr
Writing Center Director
Johnson County Community College
Overland Park, KS

"The best, quick trick I love about WWB is using the 2.1 analysis program that flags to be verbs.
As soon as my students start to revise based on this program, they are delighted with the style improvement along with better word choices."

Judith Weinstock
Grievance Chair
English Department
Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, IL

"I have recommended Writer's Workbench to my virtual graduate learners from all over the country.
IF they choose to use the software, I found a marked difference in the quality of their work.
Reasonably priced, easily downloaded, and user-friendly, I find Writer's Workbench to be worthwhile for me and my learners."

Dr. Barbara Bailey
Atlanta, GA

"I just wanted to let you know that my project, 'Through Phantom Eyes - Volume One - A Child's Guidance,' is finally finished and in print.
I thank you so much for developing your program for writers; it was indispensable in the process of my writing.
I learned so much from it, and I am continuing to learn each time I open the program.

I also wanted to thank you for putting up with my silly questions and unfounded concerns over the last year.
You were so patient with me, and that was greatly appreciated.
If you would like to see what your program helped me to do, then visit www.throughphantomeyes.com.

I hope your program continues to do well and helps even more novices such as myself."

Tedi Graves

"I would have not got through the first half of the doctorate program (without Writer's Workbench).
I needed a tool that was simple to use and could meet my needs to write my papers.
This tool not only helps you with preparing your papers, but there are minimal corrections needed.
Thank for creating this resourceful tool.
All students from junior college to PhD level should invest in your product.
Thank you!  Your product is awesome."

Ytteb Bowls
University of Phoenix PhD Candidate

"I do a lot of writing and I know that the revision process - making sure that my work is error free, interesting, and engaging, is a long, difficult and time consuming endeavor, especially without an editor.
WWB helps me to spot problem areas in grammar and punctuation - making words, sentences, and paragraphs more effective, and better organizing my writing in a matter of minutes.
WWB is a quick way to learn the process of writing and become a more confident writer."

Samuel Ramirez

"My primary job is a caseworker for the court system, but it's my role as a writer covering professional boxing where WWB plays a crucial role for me.
The stories I create as a boxing writer not only calls for creativity, but insist I know my strengths and weakness as a writer.

I have utilized software such as: White Smoke, StyleWriter, Grammar Plus, Grammar Slammer to name a few, and quite frankly, these programs have not helped me become a better writer.
They are tools that do the writing for me whereas WWB is interactive and forces me to think and improve on my writing.

The best part of the software is the 'MoreInfo' option; I have wasted hours looking at many grammar books on how to apply a rule.
With WWB, I click on the 'MoreInfo' button and presto - the software now becomes a grammar guide.

What has impressed me most about this program is the customer support; not only do I get prompt responses, but they care about helping me find answers to my questions.
From experience, I didn't get this with the other software customer support.

In the world of boxing, a fighter is called 'Pound for Pound' best when they are at the top of their game, and without question, WWB is the 'undisputed king of the writing software world'."

Ray Kilgore, Boxing Writer, Minneapolis MN

Other than a few entries which are software reviews, this list is but a small representation of our customers; we have posted only those who are familiar with and willing to share how they are using Writer's Workbench to help fortify their own or their students' writing. We've asked all for their permission to post their information; and we ask that, if there are any changes, corrections, or additions, they send e-mail to wwbinfo@emo.com. We'll make changes as soon as possible.

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