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Click here to view the Writer's Workbench Analysis Programs Quick Guide.

The Analysis Programs Menu looks similar to the display below.  Analyses from the sample composition can be displayed by clicking on each of the boxes below.  While showing feedback provided by Writer's Workbench, the analyses do not portray the interactive nature of Writer's Workbench when used with Microsoft Word.
Click here to view our sample composition, The Tempest, used to create the analyses.

Note: Analysis examples all include MoreInfo, denoted by Times New Roman font.  The analysis itself is denoted by Arial font.
Select the analysis you would like to view by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Content - Organization and Development Content - Diversity of Content Vocabulary Content - Vague and Abstract Vocabulary Characteristics - Style Statistics Characteristics - Style Statistics with Support Verbs - To Be Verbs - Helping Verbs Verbs - Modals Clarity - This These Those Clarity - Self Pronouns Clarity - Singular Indefinite Pronouns Clarity - Plural Pronoun Reference Clarity - Adjective Clauses Clarity - Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers Clarity - Parallelism Words - Diction Alerts Words - Words to Check Words - Negative Words Words - Split Infinitives and Article Errors Words - Transitions Punctuation - Introductory Elements Punctuation - Pairs and Series Punctuation - Comma, Semicolon, Colon Punctuation - Possible Fragments and Long Sentences Unbalanced or Misplaced Punctuation and Capitalization

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