Writer's Workbench

How to enable WWB after upgrading to a newer version of Windows

After upgrading a system to a newer version of Windows, depending on your security settings, publishers (like EMO Solutions, the publisher of Writer's Workbench) are sometimes no longer trusted.  You might need to add a trusted location for WWB to run properly.

After double-clicking on the WWB icon, a "Security Warning" displays below the Home ribbon and the Writer's Workbench ribbon is no longer displayed.

To use Writer's Workbench again, follow this procedure -

Click on the "Options" button in the Security Warning.

First invocation of Writer's Workbench - Macros Disabled

You will be prompted with a Security Alert - Macro dialog.

Select Enable this content and click on Open the Trust Center.

In the Trust Center, select the "Macro Settings" tab and select -

Disable all macros except digitally signed macros

Now, select the "Trusted Locations" tab and click on the

"Add new location..." button.

Browse to your WWB installation directory and select the Templates folder (typically C:\WWB\Templates).

"OK" your way out of these dialog boxes and close Word.  The next time you double-click on the WWB icon on your desktop, the Writer's Workbench composition ribbon should appear without the security warning.

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