Writer's Workbench

How to use Writer's Workbench to Analyze Large Documents

In order to keep analyses running briskly on a variety of system speeds and memory sizes, Writer's Workbench was designed to analyze documents up to 100 paragraphs.   If your document exceeds 100 paragraphs, you can still use Writer's Workbench to analyze sections of your document.

  1. Highlight a portion of your writing (at least 50 words) and only that highlighted text will be analyzed.

  2. "Hide" all but that section of text you wish to analyze. Highlight text to be hidden and press the or button on the Writer's Workbench Composition Toolbar.  Repeat as needed for all text you do not wish to analyze.  When you are through analyzing the unhidden text in your document, press the or  button to reveal all of your text.  Repeat this procedure by hiding different sections of your document, realizing that only unhidden will be analyzed.  This procedure is a little cumbersome, but does not require that the document be split into multiple sections.

  3. Split the large document into multiple documents - if writing a book, perhaps by chapters.

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