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Using Word Wrap instead of <Enter> at the end of each line

Microsoft Word and Writer's Workbench interpret the <Enter> key as the end of a paragraph.  For this reason, if you press the <Enter> key at the end of each line like you would if you were using a typewriter, many of the analyses will not be valid.  For example, the Organization and Development analysis counts words in each paragraph.  If there are fewer than 22 words in a paragraph, that paragraph will not be counted.


Just keep typing until you reach the end of your paragraph.  Microsoft Word will automatically wrap words at the end of the line.  When you reach the end of your paragraph, press the <Enter> key either once or twice.

If you have a document that has been entered as you would with a typewriter, you may "fix" it by performing the following procedure:

Press on the Home ribbon in Word 2007 or later.  can be found in the "Standard" toolbar in Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier releases.  This button will flag all <Enter>'s as paragraph symbols.

You can use Word's Find and Replace feature to find paragraph marks.  Type <Ctrl>F to open the Find and replace dialog.

Press the  button and then the button.  Select the top option, "Paragraph Mark."   Then press the button to find the next Paragraph Mark ().

Important: Delete all paragraph marks in the bodies of your paragraphs but not those at the end of your paragraphs.

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