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Viewing Writer's Workbench Word Lists

Writer's Workbench uses word lists to calculate the ratios of Vague, Abstract, Diction Problems, Negative, Transitions, and Introductory Elements in a document. These lists can be viewed by clicking on the Writer's Workbench Help WWB Help or WWB Help button and selecting the Word Lists at the end of the index on the left.

A small sample of each of the word lists -

List of Vague Words: (total of 171 words and phrases)

a lot advantage adventure all amount anything anytime
appearance area aspect attitude attractive background bad
beautiful beauty beneficial benefit bizarre broad certain
character clear community considerable creative critical deal with
deals with deal definite difference difficulty disadvantage earliest

List of Abstract Words: (total of 314 words)

abasement abbess aberration ability achieve actual adage
admire advanced advantage adversity advise affect afterlife
agreement allegory allow American amount analyze answer
aptitude arbiter array assume attitude attribute average
baffle banality belief believe benefit betray blandness

List of Words and Phrases Flagged in Diction Alerts: (total of ~1400 words and phrases)

a contact a great deal of a large number of a lot a must
a number of a preference for a small number of abovementioned absolutely
accomplished aching void acid test activate actual
add the point that added increment adequate enough advantageous advent
afford an opportunity after all has been said after the manner of aggregate all in all

List of Words to Check: (total of 873 words)

a while awhile accept except adapt adept adopt
advice advise affect effect aggravate aid aide
aisle isle alley ally already allright alright
altogether allot altar alter most among amount
ant aunt anxious anymore anybody any body anyone

List of Negative Words: (total of 803 words)

aren't couldn't didn't don't except haven't immature
immeasurable immeasurably immoderate immodest immoral immortal immovable
immutable impartial impassable impatient impatiently impeccable impenetrable
imperceptible imperceptibly imperfect imperfectly imperishable impersonal impersonalized
impersonally impertinent imperturbable impervious impious implacable implausibly

List of Transitional Words and Phrases: (total of 232 words and phrases)

Accordingly afterward although As as a result
as already stated as well as at the same time because both
But by the same token consequently conversely finally
First for all that for example for this reason furthermore
Hence however in brief in comparison in conclusion

List of Introductory Elements: (total of 148 words and phrases)

Above Absolutely Accordingly Across After
Afterward Afterwards Against Along Also
Although Among Anyway Around As
At Back Because Before Behind
Beside Besides Between By Certainly

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